Stress-free in this lockdown! How?…

Lockdown is being taken a toll on all of us around the world, and while some are able to manage this isolation, many others are getting burned out with all the added responsibilities, isolation, home schooling, and no social contact, I mean, real, in-person contact. So, how do we handle all these added stresses without getting sick, or getting to a point of screaming?

These 8 tips below definitely can help us get over this stress lockdown and isolation:

1. Eat Healthier

We tend to eat more junk food when stressed out…well, how about eating more fruits and vegetables, delicious smoothies, and some granola bars, instead of pizza, and fried food? Give it a try, and you will see that you will feel a lot better (and your waistline will reduce miraculously!)

2. Exercise

In this lockdown, it is easier to become couch potatoes, and binge on movies, and popcorn…BUT….if we get up and move more, our body will thank us for it!

Try some fun exercises, like rebounding! Then, you will start seeing how your body starts getting in shape, and I guarantee you, you will become addicted to exercise!!!

3. Drink more water

Oh, during these stressful times many have become very good friends of coffee, sodas, and other drinks (let alone alcohol) not too good for us…how about switching to pure filtered water? Not seltzer water, vitamin water, and so forth.. just try pure water! Your brain, heart, lungs, and all the rest of your organs will be so happy that you won’t believe it! (Adding a plus of going better to the bathroom!)

4. Get some sun

Yes, sunshine is awesome! Even if it is on your backyard, balcony, near a park, get some sun and let your body absorb vitamin D3!!! Plus the added bonus of a healthy tan!

5. Use Moderation

Put boundaries if you are working from home, or if you have your children, a spouse with you at home all the time… Take healthy breaks, listen to some relaxing music, read something inspiring, and you will feel much better in a short period of time!

6. Breath Fresh Air

Yes, too much time indoors is not good…Make sure you go to your nearby park, and breathe fresh air, expand your lungs and embrace the clean air coming into your lungs! You will feel like a million bucks, and your brain will get the most needed oxygen, so you can have wonderful creative ideas!

7. Get more sleep

We know, we tend to watch more movies at night, another show, and another, BUT…our body needs to rest, so all our organs can regenerate and repair. Also, resting will help our immune system to get stronger and protect our bodies from any illness.

8. Trust in GOD

Above all, we need to trust that Our Creator is in charge, and protecting us from all situations, so faith and prayer are strong ways to achieve peace and calmness in any situation!

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